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Living with Heart Failure
You can find all the necessary information to understand heart failure, its global impact, its causes and consequences, and how to get heart failure under control.
Heart failure

What is Heart Failure?

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Heart failure is a condition where the heart is unable to pump blood around the body as well as it should. In other words, the heart can’t deliver enough oxygen and nutrients to allow the body to work normally.

Heart failure is characterized by several symptoms caused by fluid accumulation and reduced blood flow. The most common symptoms are edema (fluid retention), breathlessness, and tiredness.1

Normal heart

Heart illustration showing normal heart

Heart failure usually results in an enlarged heart

Heart illustration showing heart failure results

What about 75 ?

What is heart rate?

It is the number of times the heart beats within a certain time period, usually a minute.

The heart rate can be felt at the wrist, side of the neck, back of the knees, top of the foot, groin, and other places in the body where an artery is close to the skin. Measuring the heart rate gives important information about a person's health. Also called pulse.”3
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Did you know?

60-100 bpm

is the normal beat a heart should be.

It can go up to 130-150 bpm when exercising. However, if you develop any symptoms or suspect your pulse is irregular, let your doctor know.2

What are the main symptoms?4

Your organs don’t receive enough oxygen and nutrients to work well, so you can feel tired easily.
Shortness of breath
Fluids may gather in your lungs, causing you to feel short of breath, when you are active, when lying flat, or walking.
Weight gain
You may gain more than 2 kg (3 lbs) in a week because of the fluids building up in your body.
Rapid heart beat
To compensate for its weakness, the heart may speed up.
Fluids may gather in your legs, ankles, or abdomen causing edema.

What can be the complications of heart failure?5

If you have heart failure, your outlook depends on the cause and the severity, your overall health, and other factors such as your age.6
Some people’s symptoms and heart function will improve with proper treatment. However, heart failure can be life-threatening.6

Myth or fact?

Is the following statement a myth or a fact? Try to find the right answer!

Heart failure means your heart has stopped beating

Heart failure is a normal consequence of getting old⁷

Measuring your heart rate is useless⁸

Heart failure can't be treated⁷

If you have heart failure you shouldn't exercise⁷

Heart failure is common⁷

It is important to manage heart failure as early as possible⁹

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