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How to exercise at home without equipment

Woman exercice at home in front of PC

It would be great to have exercise equipment at home instead of having to go to the gym, but the cost for many can be prohibitive! Equipment is great, however it’s not essential: there are ways of exercising without it. Here’s how.


Even if walking outside, for example in the forest, is better it is not always possible, eg, due to bad weather conditions. So walk inside! Go up and down a flight of stairs a few times. This low-impact aerobic exercise will help tone your legs. No stairs? Just visit every room in the the house a few times – it may not be very exciting, but it will do the job (and it might even remind you to do something you’ve forgotten!).


 These are probably not most people’s favorite exercise, but easier ways to do them will help make them less difficult. Do them on your knees, instead of keeping your legs straight. Alternatively, you can do standing push-ups against a wall. Push-ups are great for building up arm strength and working chest muscles.

Star jumps

 These were always fun as a child! Well, in adulthood they are also a great cardiovascular exercise and good for warming up, too.


This is the best exercise for strengthening abdominal muscles. When starting out, it’s not essential to get your head all the way up as long as you feel your muscles stretching.

Leg lifts 

Useful for building up strength in your legs. If you find it hard to do this exercise with your legs straight, try bending them slightly.


Legs and buttocks will tone with squats. For less mobile people, even sitting and standing up from a regular chair will do as long as you’re able to do this a few times.

Jogging on the spot

 Jogging is a great exercise for your heart. You can forget you’re exercising by jogging on the spot at home while watching TV or listening to music.


Dancing provides psychological as well as physical benefits. It can lift your spirits, giving your overall mood a boost. In addition, it gives your cardiovascular system a great work-out.

Light weightlifting

 Expensive, proper weights are a bonus, but not necessary. Just use what comes to hand. Start out with something light that’s easy to hold, such as a can of peas, and work up to heavier items: milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, or jugs of water.

Step exercises 

Most people have steps in their home. Several repetitions are all that’s required to give your leg muscles a work-out (just remember to be careful !).