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Five-finger relaxation technique


It is not mandatory to use innovative tools to relax; you can relax with very little; for example, your own fingers. The five-finger relaxation technique is a very easy way to relax!

Sit down comfortably, close your eyes, and put your hands on your lap. Then, choose a hand to start with! Touch the tip of your thumb with each finger, one by one, following these instructions:

  • Start with your index finger. At the same time, try to remember a moment when you were tired, but tired in a good way. For example, after a nice exercise session. Remember how good it was to spend all your energy doing exercise.
  • Then, touch the tip of your thumb with your middle finger. This time, focus on a moment when you felt a loving physical touch. This could, for example, be a hug or a tender arm around your shoulder. Remember how nice it was to feel helped by a friend or relative.
  • Next, your ring finger. While touching your thumb, think of a compliment that a colleague or a friend gave you. This is a time to feel gratified by someone’s good opinion of you.
  • Last but not least, touch your thumb with the tip of your little finger. Picture a beautiful landscape; it could an island beach or a river in a forest. Just focus on the splendor of the scene.

You can continue with the other hand, if required. Alternatively, use this technique as soon as you need to relax quickly!